e have combined our skills and years of professional experience to form AEROVANTAGE LLC, an aerial photography company. Through attention to subtleties of light, composition and form combined with various aerial technologies, we produce high quality images for the diverse needs of our clients.

Henrik Kam - Director of Photography

Studied photography at Art Center College of Design.

30 years as professional photographer currently based

in San Francisco with an extensive list of internationally

recognized clients. Experienced in photography from

various platforms including helicopters and blimps.

Steve Unze - Pilot & Photographer

Studied photography at Art Center College of Design.

8 years experience in advertising photography. 20 years experience as a professional pilot. Qualified in a variety of aircraft including commercial jets. National award winning pilot of remotely controlled aircraft.

       erial photography is all about getting the camera off the ground. We have various ways of doing that. The aerial camera platform we select is determined by the subject being photographed and its location. We utilize the latest in high resolution digital imaging systems to create the level of quality our clients demand. We use remotely controlled camera mounts as well as live video feed transmitted by the camera to enable precise framing of the subject. Safety and reliability are our primary concerns.


Although specializing in photography from elevated perspectives, AEROVANTAGE is fully capable of ground level photography of all types, including architectural

interiors and exteriors. See for other samples.

AEROVANTAGE is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is available for assignments worldwide.